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Low-Cost Training For Hospitals

Low-cost training for Hospitals

The need to prove the safety and effectiveness of a medicine through robust trial design and conduct brings much needed industry support and enhances the status and skills base of a hospital or research establishment.
To achieve these aims and benefits, however, there must be trained staff to conduct trials and, furthermore, investigator sites must be able to prove, in the event of regulatory inspection, that all staff involved were competent to take part.

The online ICH Good Clinical Practice course ensures compliance
and competence

With Infonetica’s ICH GCP online course you can help ensure compliance in your company and at investigator sites. Robust and cost effective, this course is a key way for you to help those conducting and monitoring clinical trials at your establishment.
By buying a training package, hospitals and research establishments, can provide the ICH GCP course to their research staff. This is how it works...
  • A company buys, for example, a licence for 100 online ICH GCP courses at a discounted price. Access is provided either from the ICH GCP Course Training site or we can create a custom Home page which tells students about the course and which can include hospital-specific information, terms and contact details.
  • Importantly, you control access to the course through an easy-to-use administrator panel and decide who takes it by issuing the access information on a per student basis.
  • A big advantage for companies is that the licence can allow for wordwide distribution of the course, meaning you are able to provide first class training to clinical staff no matter where thay are based.
  • The administrator panel also provides key management information on who has taken the exam, how many times and who has passed – a critical feature in the event of regulatory inspection where up-to-date training records have to be produced.
  • The licence can be topped up at any time
For further information about discounted deals please contact ivan.lekushev@infonetica.net

Price Lists and Discounts

Number of users Cost (per user)
1-10 $125.00
11-25 $121.00
26-50 $115.00
50+ Please,
contact us.

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